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by Freospace on May 4, 2011

Welcome to our White Gum Valley site.

While the Precinct doesn’t meet regularly at the moment (more on an ad hoc basis as issues arise), there is much going on in the Valley that you may want to discuss with others. We invite you to add your voice in blog.

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Brad Pettitt July 21, 2011 at 9:25 am

hi White Gum Valley people.
The High Street issue has been a long running one in Fremantle but we are getting close to a resolution so I thought it would be useful to provide the following update on where it is up to. Council has been sucessful in getting a wider range of options examined and we should have the results soon. I’ll see you at the precinct meeting on Tuesday too.
cheers, Brad
High Street Update July 20th 2011.
As many precinct members would be aware, the City of Fremantle and Dept of Transport have recently engaged an independent consultant to do a multi-criteria analysis of number options for High St which will minimize impacts on the Fremantle Public Golf Course and houses while improving freight efficiency and safety and reducing noise. This will include:
An underpass for vehicles leaving Fremantle on High St – leaving the surface road for trucks heading to the port with less interruptions,
An overpass over High Street
Realigning two lanes of High St to the other side of the row of mature trees– reducing the need to take such a large slice of the golf course.
Slowing the speed limit in the curve to narrow the curve and have less impact on houses
This assessment is initially considering the number of houses impacted, traffic safety, freight efficiency and noise impacts. The options that pass that test will then be evaluated against the Federal Government’s investment criteria. This study will compare the above options against Option 4 and is expected to be completed by July 31st.
Once the above information has been gathered and each of the options assessed, the City of Fremantle will be in a much more informed position to judge what the best upgrade solution is for High St and the Stirling Hwy intersection.
An independent consultant also spoke individually to residents to see if there was any interest in a voluntary buy-out of houses on north side of High Street at a premium price. The majority of respondents did not want to be bought out so that option will be excluded from any further investigation.
The results of the assessment and a recommended way forward will then be presented to a joint precinct community information session at the City of Fremantle at 7pm on Tuesday the 9th of August before coming to Council on Wednesday 22nd of August as part of an Ordinary Council Meeting.
Once a preferred option is agreed between Dept of Transport and City of Fremantle, there will be further discussions with residents. Beyond that, there will be two main actions:
an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme will need to be initiated to secure the road reservation – the reservation will invariably include some existing houses (both publicly and privately owned) – some of these will be directly impacted by construction of a new road and some will just be in the reservation but residents may have the opportunity to stay living there.
Main Roads will need to progress more detailed road design – the community will again have input to that process and that would be the appropriate time for any ‘tweaking’ of the design to be made to minimise the number of houses and properties affected.
The Department of Transport has advised that the State Government needs to confirm as soon as possible that it is able to progress and complete the upgrading project within the Nation Building 1 timeframe (ie before 30 June 2014) to secure the Federal Government funding.


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