Our precinct has a rich history of community networking. celebration and activism. We know how to get things done, get on with each other and make our voice heard. Booyeembara Park and the ex-Fremantle Bypass are examples of this. So is our annual WGV Community Feast held in Valley Park in early November.

Precinct meetings are held bi-monthly and are open to all residents. They are a great way to keep up to date on news for the valley and the broader area, and to have your say directly to the ward Councillors. The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of an “even” month, at 7.30, in the music room or Library at the White Gum Valley Primary School. The next meetings are on Tuesday May 10th, s016 and then July. For more information, contact co-convenorsĀ Su Groome or Steph Jennings onĀ wgvprecinct@gmail.com

Nov 2009 in Valley Park

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